Kamasutra for Pregnant Lesbians 

The Kamasutra has suggestions for heterosexuals, so what do pregnant Prego masturbatingwomen who like women do?

Well! worry not we have got some of the perfect positions for you to take you right into the pleasure zone. For all pregnant lesbians.

The first position is a tripregnant woman nakedp to joy position, where you can kiss and caress your partner till you reach the pleasure zone.

Here is a new drool move. This one focuses on the breast and clitoris. One of you has to kneel down so that you can use your hands and tongues for creating maximum pleasure.

Here is another joyful move. Make sure your partner lies behind you with your butt facing her clitoris. She will have maximum access to the pleasure zones and you will be whimpering with pleasure.

Lie down against each other so that your clits are touching each other’s, rub against each other to gain maximum pleasure.

Prego threesomeThe ever popular 69 position comes to your aid here also. Lie down so that your erogenous zones are facing each other’s mouth. Time to have some good oral sex.

Let one partner lie down and the other sit on top of her and rub against each other’s pubic bones. The amount of friction generated will give you some great orgasms.

The next position involves one partner straddling another. Lie down face up and let your partner pregnant lesbiansstraddle you, your clit will be in direct line with her mouth and you could hold her hips down for maximum pleasure. You can see this lesbian sex position video over here

This super-hot position is called the best finger forward. Make your partner lie on top of you facing your feet. Then use your fingers or a sex toy to penetrate her. Alternate between penetration and cunnilingus to bring her to an orgasm. With this position you will be in total control. Usually pregnant lesbians clits are more sensitive than they usually are.

Another position that is simple yet gives maximum pleasure is to stand behind each other and caress each other.

You can practice the missionary position to gain maximum pleasure. Lie on top of your partner who is wearing a strap and ride your partner for maximum sensation.

lesbian prego dildoRubbing could be great fun. In this position simply lie down with your partner lying face down. Rub against the sheets and against each other. If you get this one right you could have some great orgasms.

This nifty sex position can give you some exciting foreplay and also some hot orgasms. Lie down on all fours with legs straight and arms supporting your body up. Then reach out to caress the partner’s bum while the other has access to your breast, a very hot position.

Lock your legs around each other and have your partner lie down. Rub her clit and breasts.pregnant naked lesbians eating

In this position, one of you should lie down and the other should lie on top with straps on. Try penetrating each other for some great fun.

Make this one hot by rubbing your clit against your partner’s legs as you perform oral sex.

This position involves one of you standing behind and the other giving pleasure from below.

Try these positions with your partner and let all those prego and nudesnooty one’s turn up their noses against you for having great sex for pregnant lesbians.